New In Store  -  September 28, 2014

Filling Pieces

Newly delivered to the Afura Store are some fresh new styles of the ever-popular Filling Pieces. You will find two series in this first drop, the Low Top wovens' and the All Over Python Mountain Cut's and Low Top. Stay tuned for future drops.

The Low Top Woven
The leather used for the sides is an interlaced piece of art on its own. You need to take a closer look to notice the intrinsic details of the fabric. The weave starts off with a perforated base layer that has flat leather threads woven through it, changing to a solid background and a cotton wire at the front. Details are made of full grain leather. Available in both Red and White.

The Pythons
For the All Python series the folks at Filling Pieces sourced genuine python leather. The Python leather covers the main part of the upper and is complemented by calfskin leather side patches. Available in both Black and White for the Mountain Cut and in Black for the Low Top.