New In Store  -  January 21, 2019

Han Kjøbenhavn SS19: The nostalgic inside kids

Starting from a thing for interior design and architecture, Jannik Davidsen and Tim Hancock launched their first three sunglass shapes a decade ago. Next season Han Kjøbenhavn will fully transcend beyond a streetwear brand by moving to Paris Fashion Week. The SS19 collection is a farewell to hometown Copenhagen and positions the label between opulence and technical cool.

Floral prints on velvet and silk, cycling jerseys and shorts with graphic logos, safari vests and dad windbreakers. Han Kjøbenhavn's latest collection is a reflection of its transition, it oscillates between hard technical materials, bold colours and a sci-fi touch and romantic soft luxury in warm earthy tones. For Davidsen, his own childhood nostalgia of playing outside, traditional granny living rooms and natural materials is contrasted with the current generation of "inside kids" surrounded by electronics in the new collection: "We were kids, as kids were supposed to be. We were playing in the garden, using what nature had surrounded us with. Seconds later, we were shadows in the dark, paralyzed by the light of the screen." But the collections' artworks actually hint that this was not a change overnight: they resemble the logos that entered our teen rooms in the 80s and 90s.

There are parallels between some of today's designers that still grew up without much tech and without internet, but are at the peak of their careers when the technological age is in full swing as many of them try to process this contrast in their designs. At the same time, Davidsen emphasises that the collection is not meant to display bitterness about this evolution but rather a balancing love story: "The soft and organic learned to appreciate the hard and progressive."

We happily welcome the lush floral prints as well as the notorious track pants and graphic prints by Han Kjøbenhavn in our store.