New In Store  -  June 12, 2014

Introducing the Basic T-shirt by SIMON&ME

An item we have been waiting for ever since we were introduced to Simon and his brand. We truly believe SIMON&ME has succeed in creating the best basic tee possible - a product we have always missed, an item which you will hopefully love as much as we do.

It's features are sophisticated; loose fit, lengthened centre back, rounded hem line and a widened neckline. The production methods all meet the quality standards that we know the brand for. As always based on the brands values of local production, small environmental footprint and simplicity.

Not only is the Basic T-Shirt produced from one hundred per cent organic cotton, but it is labeled cradle-to-cradle, a warrant that its components come from nature and may flow back to nature, thus making it one hundred per cent biodegradable.

The t-shirt comes in a carefully embossed SIMON&ME packaging.