New In Store  -  April 24, 2015

Penfield Spring/Summer '15

Penfield has been with us for a while and we think it's here to stay. We've selected the best items for you.

This years Spring/Summer highlights are the Seersucker fabric and a new take on the Floral Print which some might recognise from last summer. Both fabrics are available in a headwear piece; The Baker Sun Hat, a best seller last season as well as the classic 5 panel cap.

Seersucker keeps a man cool; and this season you can drape yourself in full Seersucker if thats your thing. Cooler than cool-aid; we have our doubts, applaud the man that pulls it of.

Back to what does stand out in a good way this season; the Inuvik Lightweight Parka's. Available in your classic Black, Olive and guess again Seersucker. Great technical piece that's good for all seasons.

Shop our Penfield Summer selection below.