Introducing  -  May 3, 2019

Rodebjer SS19: The Swedish Sin

Rodebjer started off in 1999 when Swede Carin Rodebjer caught attention on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs. Ever after, the label gained reputation for its slouchy, versatile womenswear. The latest collection is a homecoming to Swedish culture and craftsmanship.

Rodebjers's collections are inspired by outstanding women of history, artworks, landscapes or traditional techniques from around the world. Spring summer 2019 was coined their most Swedish collection ever and merges Scandi workwear and the mythical concept of "Swedish Sin".

Lush and sensual silk organza, flowy see-through pieces and V-necks recall the outcry of the 50s when American cinemagoers would see the first female nipple on screen in the Swedish movie "One Summer of Happiness". A myth was born and fed over decades, the myth of the Swedes and especially the Swedish women being blonde, promiscuous and sexually open. Director Ingmar Bergman fuelled the legend further with the movie "Summer with Monika" that showed non-marital sex. International discussions sparked after the TIME Magazine published the article "Sin and Sweden". Soon US politicians took the chance to campaign against the country's welfare policy. President Eisenhower declared that "sin, nudity, drunkenness and suicide" were the direct result of those policies. Others went on at the declining influence of Church and sexual education classes in school. Even in the wild seventies, Swedish educational films and productions like "Maid in Sweden" starring pin-up girl Christina Lindberg caused indignation outside the country. Carin Rodebjer brings this old myth up at the right time by asking the contemporary question of "what sin means for modern women in their various societal roles, in turn questioning guilt, working motherhood, duty, shame and enjoyment". Let's not forget that seventy years later Instagram still censors women's nipples.

They say sex sells, but one would undermine the collection by focussing only on its sensual touch. Rodebjer digged deeper into Swedish heritage. When industrialisation was blooming in the twenties, Sweden's first workwear manufacturer Fristads was born. The collection's easy suits or shirts resemble Fristads first designs.

We are happy to welcome Rodebjer in store and online.

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