Feature  -  May 31, 2024

Eytys x Afura

We're excited to showcase a special window display featuring Eytys, with artwork by Finnish artist Erik Solin. Inspired by Eyty's recent campaign in Palermo, Italy, shot by photographer Paolo Serbini, this illustration brings a fresh vibe to our store. Swing by and check it out!

Since 2013, Swedish fashion brand Eytys has been making a name in high-end streetwear. It all started with Creative Director Max Schiller’s desire to create plimsoll sneakers with bold proportions, something not offered in the market at the time. Eytys introduced baggy jeans in 2017 and debuted a full ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2019.

Model wearing Zion in Eurotrash Blush.

What sets Eytys apart is not just their commitment to pushing the boundaries of footwear design. At the heart of Eytys' design philosophy is a celebration of "Generation-Y" spirit. Their collections transcend gender and traditional fashion norms, offering unisex pieces that exude individuality and boldness. Through exploring bold proportions while maintaining a focus on quality craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant artistic experimentation and street culture of the 1980s, Eytys pays homage to its roots while forging its own path forward. Their iconic purple tongue has become a hallmark of the brand, adorning their range of sneakers with a distinctive flair that's instantly recognizable. One of Eytys' most iconic sneakers is the Odessa.

Afura has been selling Eytys  collection both in-store and online since 2019! Check it out both online or in-store!

Models wearing Benz in Bronze.

Model wearing Lion T-shirt.