Feature  -  May 26, 2015

Feature: Floral Print Season

The floral print has come back with a blast this season. Contrary to awful 80’s floral prints, present day floral prints are utilised in a much more subtle way, such as in the collections of Soulland and Penfield. Soulland ’s Sping and Summer collection has taken inspiration from the Art Deco movement, which flourished in the roaring 20’s. The garments feature lavish floral prints on white and grey threads.

On the other side of the spectrum this season, Penfield’s Black Palm print is a more exotic take on the Floral. Inspired by tropical islands like Hawaii and Bali, the print features palm leafs and tropical flowers.

A floral print can be used to brighten up any outfits, even if it’s an accessory like a bucket hat. It’s a modern day classic, and it’s here to stay.