Introducing  -  March 24, 2015

Introducing Soulland

We kick off our first season of the Danish Soulland with the amazing 'Deco' collection. Soulland is know for their blend of classic Scandinavian style and contemporary aesthetics. Knowingly you wouldn't be suprised that The SS15 collection took its inspiration from the Art Deco movement from the early 1920's. The collection, like it's inspiration, features an array of beautifully executed all over prints and vivid colours. Great examples are the Schredder shorts, the Game tee and more subtly the Brillo in Off white. Equally strong are the Floral T-Shirt and Shirts, which draw from this season's art-deco theme.

Rounding out the collection are a selection of sweats, t-shirts and shirts featuring the iconic Ribbon logo. The Ross zip-up cardigan and the Bart coat.

Look for Soulland's Spring/Summer 2015 collection in our store.