New In Store  -  December 4, 2018

Take cover from the storm with Nanamíca

Nanamíca translates directly to “House of the Seven Seas” - very fitting that they have decided to look to the sea as inspiration for their latest AW collection called “Blowing in the North Wind”.

Focusing on covering you from the storm, Nanamíca continues their offering of outerwear utilising GORE-TEX fabric. The Cruiser Jacket comes anew, this time in the GORE-TEX version, with slightly adjusted fits, for full protection not only from heavy North winds.

More good news for the fashion techies: Nanamíca uses their ALPHADRY material again for the Club Jacket and Club Pants ensemble, adding the bonus of quick dry. The Club Pants is a nearly classic chino, the matching blazer can be buttoned twice to fit like a traditional blazer or can be done all the way up to the top more like a jacket. In fact, Nanamíca designed the collection around setup suits, means ways to create ‘uniformed’ but alternative looks that can be combined and layered everytime anew to taste, occasion and season. First time Afura has had a suit.

And we will not miss their casual functional basics this season, as shirts made with COOLMAX® fabrics to wick away moisture. The marine influence is visualised by stripes and corresponding color schemes. Not only visualised: Nanamica even tried to make fabrics feel like having been exposed to the sea.

At the end of the circumnavigation,  the new collection is again truly Nanamíca: inspired by durable workwear, with the unmissable Japanese cool.

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