Introducing  -  April 17, 2017

Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition

Stories are the foundation on whom we shape our society of today. Sometimes forgotten or disregarded they often resurface to moments of joy and nostalgia.

The British brand TSPTR, lead by Russ Gater and Dan Savory circumstantiates right around those specific periods to rework them into a contemporary wardrobe.

This Spring Summer season evolves around post-modern style in Japan that has created a new and incomparable language of American design that didn’t exist before.

Remaining in their known for subversive and social commentary approach, TSPTR extracts its story from the term ‘Sukajan’. During the post-war occupation, American troops started to incorporate traditional Japanese designs onto their jackets. ‘Sukajan’ is the simple combination of the name Yokosuka, an area where American soldiers were stations and the Japanese-accented ‘Jumper’.

Additional inspirations of wider areas such as sportswear, the 60's protest era, counterculture, and the use of their iconic Snoopy characters, units this season's witty collection.