Introducing  -  April 19, 2019

Benvenuto Barena Venezia

Venice is the city of canals, and its surrounding lagoon is home to and inspiration for premium label Barena Venezia. We'll get Barena a new home by the canals at Afura.

The label starts off in the 60s with a story molto italianoas a family business, using fabrics strictly made in Italy, honouring traditional craftsmanship and tailoring. But more than an Italian brand it is a Venetian brand. Francesca Zara, the founder's daughter, is in charge of the womenswear nowadays and grew up  in the surrounding salt-water lagoons of Venice called barene.

Back in the days, this rural area was inhabited by the lagunari veneziani, the venetian lagoon-dwellers, mainly fishermen, farmers and hunters dressed in traditional workwear. Barena browsed through old pictures and archives to get the inspiration right for their contemporary collections. The designs are still linked to workwear, but the Italian love for elegance and perfection shines through. 

Workwear is not only about shapes, but mainly about material. The contemporary twist of the label is a result of Francesca and Massimo Pigozzo (menswear) never getting tired of exploring new interpretations of classic shapes with different materials or traditional fabrics in recreated cuts. We're happy to welcome a selection of refined ready-to-wear pieces to the store, or as Pigozzo would call them: elegant without being formal, informal without being too sporty.

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