-  September 14, 2019

It's shock, future shock: A.P.C. x Brain Dead

French purist A.P.C. and the graphic genies of LA-based streetwear label Brain Dead put their heads together for a collab that serves both worlds; clean cuts and outdoorsy staples with an extra color/print twist. Main inspo: The 1972's documentary Future Shock.

"We are in fact the victims of our own technological strength, we are the victims of shock, future shock" constates a cigar-smoking Orson Welles in the seventies doc Future Shock based on the eponymous book by futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler. It's creepy how a film shot decades ago can be bang up to date, describing life in a "precooked prepacked plastic wrapped instant society" where things and people become disposable and "information overload" rules. Lucky you didn't make it to 2019, folks...Otherwise, it's pretty amusing when the film apprehensively contemplates then novelties like same-sex marriage, kidney donation and plastic surgery.

For this dichotomy, it is still cult enough to inspire a collab between two iconic brands like A.P.C. and Brain Dead. For the latter, drawing inspiration from subcultures of bygone days is daily biz. A.P.C. founder Touitou got hooked on the brand at first sight in a Paris showroom, and when meeting with Kyle Ng, head of Brain Dead:  “I totally saw myself at age 23, 24, in him. I would do the same kind of humor and the same kind of things. He reminded me big time of what I used to be in the late ‘70s.”

The resulting collab, including three short films, no doubt serves a revised seventies aesthetic that one can  picture both on fans of the French classiness and the usual BD crowd.

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