Introducing  -  December 5, 2018

Look who's fresh: Hi-Tec’s HTS74 line

Indulge in Hi-Tec’s latest state-of-the art trainers: the traditionalist is back with the HTS74 line for those who like fresh 80s and 90s vibes and time-tested performance technology.

The company behind the latest buzz in Sneakerland, Hi-Tec, was founded  by Dutchman Frank van Wezel out of his love for Squash and Tennis in 1974. Already five years later, in 1981, their Silver Shadow running shoe was launched and in fact, in this year 23% of the runners in the London Marathon wore it. Since then, they gained more and more experience and became specialists not only in trainers but also in outdoor shoes and hiking boots. Few years ago, Hi-Tec relocated their HQ again to our beloved Amsterdam.

For several years, the brand has been working on a relaunch and now they are back with HTS74, a sneaker line that is blending their 80s and 90s style legacy with decades of experience in performance technology. Looking back into the archives, they came across the Silver Shadow again, the runner’s fav from 1981, and turned it into a contemporary sneaker that realizes the chunky style perfectly.

Moreover, the HTS Badwater is back from 1989 with the revised ABC-Air-Ball Concept- sole that has a patented pressurised cylinder seated in the heel of the shoe. So Eighties in the White/Evergreen/Purple color combo.

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